It’s Getting Close to the End of August…What Now?

If you are in the south like I am you have noticed the garden kind of looks rough.   It is time to start cleaning up old dead plants and cleaning up around the old garden site and getting it prepared for the fall planting.   If you do still have plants that are growing and doing well in August Heat, make sure to water them on a regular basis if you are not receiving amble rain.  Make sure to soak them well and deeply to keep them from drying out. Rule of thumb 3 to 4 inches deep.

For any garden plantings , be sure to amend your soil prior to planting.  Don’t plant anything that is another heavy feeder in the same spot where a heavy feeder was planted previously.  Put Plants in that area that actually feed the soil like  winter peas or legumes.   Add plenty of decomposed plant compost to your planting bed.  You can also add  fertilizers from animals that eat plants;such as rabbits,horses,sheep and chickens.  Make sure these are well rotted and aged before putting them around your tender plants as they can burn your plants.   There are also already prepared fertilizers which are organic, but I chose to use my own compost and home made fertilizers.   Coffee grounds,egg shells crushed and sterilized in the oven and banana peels can provide many of nutrients your plants will need.  You can add these directly around your plants after they are aged.

After you have prepared your in ground garden or raised bed garden; it is a good time to start planting for fall and winter garden.  You can plant things like green onions,carrots,spinach,radish and winter cauliflower.  You can use plants or plant seeds directly into the garden area.  If you do plant any type of lettuce now, I would plant it in an area were it gets the morning sun,but afternoon shade if you are in the south.  If you have Husky Cherry Tomatoes  already planted they usually will produce well into the fall and grow well in a large 10 gallon pot.   I usually get fresh tomatoes from them up until the first frost.

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