Storing Your Potatoes for the Winter.

Proper storage of potatoes for the winter actually starts before the harvest.    Slowly decrease the water you are giving you potato plants a couple of weeks prior to harvest, this will help toughen the skins.  When all the vines have died back and become dry and brown you can begin harvest.   After you have […]

3 Tips For The Organic Garden

The organic garden is planted much the same as a conventional garden, except the methods used in preparation of soil and care of the garden. We will run through 3 handy tips that will help you get your organic garden started. The 3 steps are to prepare the soil, feed the soil and plant the […]

Organic Gardening Tip To Make Your Gardening Easier

There are so many things you will want to learn about organic gardening, but I thought I would give you one organic gardening tip that will help you the most. This tip will help you take a lot of the downside of gardening out of the garden. It was a hard decision to make to […]

Five Simple Organic Gardening Tips

Learning the essentials behind organic gardening can help you reach the right path to making your very own “Garden of Eden”. The key to a success is patience and the willingness to get “muddy” along with these five simple tips. 1. Create a Plan Creating a plan is very important if you want to have […]