What’s the Closest Nuclear Bunker to Your Home?

In the previous article about building a root cellar /storm shelter/bunker.   We looked at one of the ideas people think of when wanting to build a root cellar.   It turns out using a shipping container is not such a good idea.   In this article we are going to look at another way to build your […]

So you want to Use a Shipping Container…What Happens When You Bury a Shipping Container?

If you read the last post about building a root cellar.  This is one of the ideas people have thought about using to create a root cellar. Before you begin to think of this as a good alternative to the usual methods to building a root cellar check this out.  Watch the video provided on […]

Storing Your Garden Abundance the Old Way it is not just for Storage!

Storing Your Garden Abundance the Old Way it is not just for Storage!  For those who don’t know about what a root cellar is, let me tell you.    It is a place to store your food, water and other needed supplies for winter and hard times.   It is an area that stays much cooler […]

How to Make Your Tomato Crop Last Longer.

It is September 12th and after Labor Day.    Your Tomato Plants have started flowering again due to the beginning of Fall Season.  It is cooler weather and we have once again started receiving more rain related to the Storms.    Your plants have new fruit on them and you may be able to harvest one […]

It’s Getting Close to the End of August…What Now?

If you are in the south like I am you have noticed the garden kind of looks rough.   It is time to start cleaning up old dead plants and cleaning up around the old garden site and getting it prepared for the fall planting.   If you do still have plants that are growing and doing […]

Love Gardening

I love the information and methods available at this website. I love it so much I bought a website about it with great frequently updated articles, videos and tips. If you have enjoyed the videos, articles, tips or anything else on this website , please share it with your friends. There are Facebook,Twitter, Google and […]

Organic Garden Help Suggestions:

Hi. Thank you for visiting my website My Name is Judy Collins, I am the owner of Organic Garden Help.  If you have found this website helpful in helping you with your organic garden, please share the website with your friends at social media sites or by email.   I hope you have found great videos, […]